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Battle of Rezangla

Veerta Chakra (Bronze Murals)Battle of Rezangla

Year 1962
Battle of Rezangla Battle of Rezangla

Battle of Rezangla was a pitched battle fought during India-China border conflict of 1962 at one of the highest mountainous battle fields at 18000 ft. Occupation of the mountain pass Rezangla in J&K's Ladakh region by Chinese forces would have cut off the only road link of Chushul garrison to Leh. On 18 Nov 1962, Chinese troops launched a silent attack over Indian defences at Rezangla from two directions. As Indian troops were very vigilant, they inflicted heavy casualties on the attackers. Chinese forces launched multiple attacks and cut off all communication lines of Indian troops. Inspite of being completely isolated and outnumbered, soldiers of 13 KUMAON under the leadership of the company commander fought till last man last round. Troops of Indian Army displayed unparalleled courage and determination during the operation.

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Somnath Sharma

MajorSomnath Sharma

Param Vir Chakra (Posthumous)03 Nov, 1947

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Jadunath Singh

NaikJadunath Singh

Param Vir Chakra (Posthumous)06 Feb, 1948

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Rama Raghoba Rane

Second LieutenantRama Raghoba Rane

Param Vir Chakra08 Apr, 1948

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Piru Singh

Company Havildar MajorPiru Singh

Param Vir Chakra (Posthumous)18 Jul, 1948

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