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30 Jun 2019  mahendravarman  %-)  Please add virtual tour of the memorial, virtual tour in not enabled
do the needful 
25 Jun 2019  Nagendra Singh  :-/  There is no name of Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey there.
He laid down his life in Kargil war and was recipient of PVC. I searched for hours on the screen even took the help of soldiers standing there but in vain.
Please write his name where names of all martyrs are written... 
16 Apr 2019  Praveen  %-)  Great to see all the information. But please use bootstrap or materialize css to give a good look to the website. 
02 Apr 2019  Molik Sharma  :-D  Please provide us with the mp3 links of all the tunes like Kadam Kadam Badhaye jaa which are being played in the memorial. Thanks alot.
29 Mar 2019  Saurabh Yadav  %-)  Please add Virtual Reality tour of monument on website . So more people can connect with the memorial.  
23 Mar 2019  Shaurya Poonia  :-)  Please also publish the name of all mrtyrs and war heroes on this site, whose name is mentioned on war memorial. 
06 Mar 2019  Uday Singh Chauhan Canada  %-)  Please also publish English translation of Hindi poem on home page written by Jagdamba Prasad Mishr Hitaishi ji.
Many people who visit your website may not read Hindi.