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21 Apr 2020  Rajmikh Doley, Assam  :-/  CQH Abdul Hamid, PVC date is wrong, it shoild 10 Sept, 1965 instead of 1967.
K8bdly fothe needful. 
13 Apr 2020  Col Rakesh Verma (Retd)  :-D  You have a long list of those who made ultimate sacrifice. Why not put these names and brief details on this website.
This will give family, friends, comrades an opportunity to see what they did and the general public to verify Fallen Soldiers.

Col Rakesh Verma (Retd)
04 Mar 2020  Dr Om Nangia  %-)  If a small beautiful cafeteria run by military personnel is also made near to the souvenir shop, it would provide a good relief to the visitors. 
25 Feb 2020  Anonymous   :-)  For families of martyrs
How do you get a chance to participate in wreath laying ceremony (retreat ceremony)
Do we have to apply for it ? 
13 Feb 2020  Abhishek  %-)  Please check NWM app at google store. It gives all contact details for organised visits 
26 Jan 2020  Vimal Bhan  %-)  Our Senior Citizens Forum (Gulmohar Journalists Colony Senior Citizens Forum) would like to visit National War Memorial in a group. I was told there is a provision of parking the bus near NWM. How and from whom do we have to take permission for the same. Request advise.

15 Jan 2020  Narendira Shiva  %-)  Recently i visited national war memorial i bought two water bottles but it was imported from china. I request the sellers to sell only the products made in India.Jai Hind 
23 Dec 2019  srinivas peri  %-)  how about having online souvenir national war memorial shop. 
11 Dec 2019  Sonam Kapadia  %-)  Dear Sirs and Madam,

I had the solemn visit to the National War Memorial over this weekend to see the monument and pay respects to my brother Lt. Nawang Kapadia's memorial there. It is a place which is befitting its somber purpose.

May I request that the civilian contractors who are working on the site be made familiar with the solemn purpose of the memorial and have training to have appropriate respectful behavior when tending to the grounds and going about their work. I would strongly recommend, that the civilian staff be expected to wear a working uniform when on the site and be trained in the behavior expected of them

In contrast to them, the uniformed soldiers on duty are extremely aware of the gravity of the place they stand and behave with appropriate deference.

The visitors to the memorial come there with a heavy heart and grave duty. The behavior of all the staff there should be appropriate.

11 Jul 2019  SM Bharathi  %-)  Please upload clearer pictures of the Bronze Murals. Some of the pictures are of low quality. They are either unclear, with shadow or sun glazed and a few are out of focus. The written content on the mural is quite obscure in some of the pictures. Can we have better quality pictures of the murals posted online please?