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23 May 2020  Ajay Rajbhar  :-D  Excellent sir,Jai Hind 
03 May 2020  Chandrakant, haryana  %-)  Sir, please start internship for the young and aspire students to have a good knowledge in deep. We all will be grateful to have internship in this prestigious war memorial. I hope you will consider our suggestions. 
22 Apr 2020  Ashish Kumar Das   %-)  I visited the war Memorial in April 2019 and March 2020.Both time I found that one image of Indiana map disclosing details regarding battle of phillora is not depicting correct position of phillora in map. It is in indo-pak border but it has been depicted in between Haryana or Punjab, somewhere else. Pls check the position of phillora and do needful it it needs.  
21 Apr 2020  Rajmikh Doleyzm, Assam  :-/  CQMH Abdul Hamid, PVC's martyrdom date is wrong, it should be 10 Sept, 1965 instead of 10 Sept, 1967.
Kindly do the needful.

With regards. 
21 Apr 2020  Rajmikh Doley, Assam  :-/  CQH Abdul Hamid, PVC date is wrong, it shoild 10 Sept, 1965 instead of 1967.
K8bdly fothe needful. 
13 Apr 2020  Col Rakesh Verma (Retd)  :-D  You have a long list of those who made ultimate sacrifice. Why not put these names and brief details on this website.
This will give family, friends, comrades an opportunity to see what they did and the general public to verify Fallen Soldiers.

Col Rakesh Verma (Retd)
04 Mar 2020  Dr Om Nangia  %-)  If a small beautiful cafeteria run by military personnel is also made near to the souvenir shop, it would provide a good relief to the visitors. 
25 Feb 2020  Anonymous   :-)  For families of martyrs
How do you get a chance to participate in wreath laying ceremony (retreat ceremony)
Do we have to apply for it ? 
13 Feb 2020  Abhishek  %-)  Please check NWM app at google store. It gives all contact details for organised visits 
26 Jan 2020  Vimal Bhan  %-)  Our Senior Citizens Forum (Gulmohar Journalists Colony Senior Citizens Forum) would like to visit National War Memorial in a group. I was told there is a provision of parking the bus near NWM. How and from whom do we have to take permission for the same. Request advise.