Highlights of National War Memorial

1. Located due East of India Gate.

2. Elements
  (a) Amar Chakra with the Obelisk and Eternal Flame.
  (b)Veerta Chakra with six bronze murals.
  (c)Tyag Chakra with 29,760 granite tablets.
  (d)Rakshak Chakra landscaped with trees.
  (e)Param Yodha Sthal with sprawling lawns and 21 busts of Param Vir Chakra awardees.

3. Other parts
  (a) North Complex with National War Memorial Gallery, Souvenir Outlet and conveniences.
  (b) South Complex with National War Memorial Offices and conveniences.
  (c) Public Plazas as waiting bays with public utilities.
  (d) Urban Corridor with double footpath and adequate benches around National War Memorial.
  (e) Facilities and aids.
  (f) Disabled friendly.
  (g) Urban corridor.
  (h) Walkways.
  (j) Benches.
  (k) Smarika (Souvenirs).
  (l) Drinking water.
  (m) Conveniences.
  (n) First Aid.
  (o) Help Desk.
  (p) National War Memorial App.
  (q) Digital Interactive Information Panels.
  (r) Drop off and Pick Up zones.
  (s) e- Rickshaws & wheel chairs.