General Queries
  • Q. What is the lean time to visit to avoid rush at National War Memorial?
  • A. Week days from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Q. What is the best time to visit National War Memorial?
  • A. In the evenings to enjoy the lighting scheme and watch Retreat drill.
  • Q. How much time does it take to visit National War Memorial?
  • A. Approximately 45 minutes to one hour.
  • Q. Is there any refreshment stall at National War Memorial?
  • A. No, there are none. No hawking is permitted at National War Memorial and around it.
  • Q. Are the guided tours available and what is the fee, if any?
  • A. There is no need for guided tours, signages and descriptions on the murals are self-explanatory.
  • Q. Are there any light & sound or laser shows performed at National War Memorial?
  • A. No.
  • Q. How do I locate a particular name or a granite tablet in the thousands placed at Tyag Chakra walls?
  • A. Use National War Memorial Website or National War Memorial app to search name. Few key details can be fed such as name of the individual or unit for a quick search.
  • Q. Can an an error or omission observed at National War Memorial be corrected?
  • A. Yes, please inform Help Desk or send a mail to the given mail id.
  • Q. What facilities exist for the disabled?
  • A. Marked paths for the visually impaired, ramps, railings and public conveniences.
  • Q. How to request for wheel chair for conducting old people at National War Memorial?
  • A. Contact Help Desk at +91 9319911998 or request National War Memorial Help Desk personnel on duty at Public Plazas.
  • Q. Are there any parking restrictions?
  • A. Yes, no parking is permitted at the radial roads or in the vicinity of National War Memorial. Visitors can get dropped and picked up at assigned Drop Off/ Pick Up zones on each of the radial road leading to National War Memorial entrance. School buses carrying children can however, be parked at Shahzahan Radial Road based on parking slots availability.
  • Q. Is wifi or internet facility available at National War Memorial?
  • A. NDMC provisioned Digital Interactive Panels installed at Param Yodha Sthal and Children Park Plaza cater for the facility.
  • Q. Can I also lay wreath at the Obelisk?
  • A. No, laying wreath by visitors is not being permitted.
  • Q. Can we light lamps etc at the Obelisk or at the Tyag Chakra?
  • A. No, only placing of a flower as a mark of respect at the base of Tyag Chakra walls is permitted.
  • Q. Will the Memorial be open on National Holidays?
  • A. Yes, National War Memorial is open on all days. Entry may have to be restricted on certain days for stipulated time owing certain ceremonial functions.
  • Q. Is there any age restriction for visitors?
  • A. No, there are no such restrictions. However, it is advised that the children below twelve years are accompanied by guardians.
  • Q. Are mobile phones allowed inside National War Memorial?
  • A. Mobile phone ‘Silent mode’ can be carried.
  • Q. Can pictures be clicked?
  • A. Yes, pictures can be clicked without causing disturbance to others.
  • Q. Is picnicking permitted?
  • A. No.
  • Q. Can we carry eatables in side National War Memorial?
  • A. No, not permitted.
    Contribution to National War Memorial
  • Q. Can we donate or make contribution to the Memorial?
  • A. No donations / contributions for the Memorial are accepted.

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Amar Chakra 


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Aerial View 




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Tyag Chakra 


Rakshak Chakra