Ceremonial wreath laying to commemorate important days.
    Wreath laying by senior dignitaries from foreign countries.
    Routine Activities.
  • Retreat drill just before Sunset, daily.
  • Change of Ceremonial Guard and band display at 9.50 am (duration 30 minutes), every Sunday.
  • Band displays at Children / Param Yodha Sthal (PYS)Plazas on weekends.
  • Public / routine visitors.
  • Organised visits by Scout & Guides, NCC cadets, Schools, National Integration Tours, colleges etc.

  • Ceremonial Functions.   Wreath Laying Ceremony will be organized on following Days/ events :-
  • Republic Day.
  • Independence Day.
  • Kargil Diwas (26th Jul).
  • Vijay Diwas (16th Dec)
  • Army, Air Force & Navy Days.
  • On Visits of Senior Dignitaries.
  • On Regimental / Corps Days.

  • Routine Wreath Laying.   Wreath would be laid at 0700 hrs every day.

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Amar Chakra 


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Aerial View 




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Tyag Chakra 


Rakshak Chakra