Guidelines for the Visitors

    Suggested way to go around the monument
  • Wait for turn at Public Plazas.
  • Main entrance, Obelisk.
  • Move left to right through Veerta Chakra and Tyag Chakra.
  • North or South Complex and Param Yodha Sthal.
  • Param Yodha Sthal can be visited independently. (please carry your earphones/ headphones for mobiles).
    Places to pay respects
  • Amar Chakra.
  • Tyag Chakra.
  • Param Yodha Sthal.
  • It is a revered premises, please display dignified conduct.
  • Please pay appropriate respects when in front of Obelisk at Amar Chakra and while entering Param Yodha Sthal.
  • Walk on the designated pathways only.
  • A flower or bouquet may be placed at the base of Honour Walls. Lighting candles / diyas is not permitted.
  • Photography for personal use only. Tripods or selfie sticks may not be used.
  • Do not make noise, talk loudly or disturb others with phone calls and take care of the children.
  • Smoking and drinking of alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • Kindly do not touch the Murals, Statues and Honour Walls.
  • For conservation and safety reasons, eatables, backpacks, bags or suitcase may not be carried.
  • The premises are under video surveillance. The Memorial may be temporarily closed, in case number of visitors inside increase beyond capacity.
  • Leave nothing but foot prints and your gratitude for these brave hearts. Take nothing but memories.

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Amar Chakra 


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Aerial View 




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Tyag Chakra 


Rakshak Chakra