Lighting Scheme

   The lighting plan is sewn into the fabric of the overall design of National War Memorial to highlight the details, materials and colours within the complete landscape. It seamlessly integrates with the architecture so as to provide an immersive and evocative environment, thus enhancing the -emotive and visual experience.

   The lighting design is the catalyst which transforms the monumental landscape from day to night at sunset. It provides a dynamic scheme creating a visual hierarchy by focusing on points of interest and accentuating different areas using suitable lighting fixtures. The warm white light and the lighting design creates a warm ambience for the visitors.

    Lighting Design Layers:
  • Rakshak Chakra - The theme reflects solidity and duality. Lights highlight ‘Rakshaks’.
  • Tyag Chakra - The light illuminates inscribed names of the soldiers to highlight supreme sacrifices.
  • Veerta Chakra - The theme emphasises celebration of bravery and victory.
  • Amar Chakra -Glow and aura is created around the Obelisk and Eternal Flame as a sign of purity.

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